Frequently Asked Questions About Custom Printed Cereal Boxes

Are you wondering what is this hype about custom printed cereal boxes? Do you want to know why all the big brands are investing in custom boxes to pack their cereals? If yes then thank the internet for directing you to this page as this blog contains the answers to some of the frequently asked questions about customized cereal boxes. 

Custom boxes are rapidly replacing the generic packaging and there is not a single reason for this replacement. Particularly the big brands that want to remain the main holders of market share use custom cereal boxes wholesale. 

Manu new bees in the food processing industries have reservations about the use of custom boxes as they are a little more experienced than generic packaging. Let’s read the blog and get the answers to all your reservations and questions. 

  • Why Choose Custom Boxes? 

Custom printed cereal boxes have certain unique features that make them an ideal option for packing cereals. While generic packaging can provide protection to the cereals, custom boxes present and protect at the same time. Apart from this, brands want to get the attention of the customers and the best way to do so is to present your product in an elegant manner via packaging. 

You can ask your cereal box manufacturers to manufacture the boxes with the material, printing, add-ons, etc of your choice. Nonetheless in the generic packaging, this freedom is not at your disposal. 

  • Are Custom Boxes Food-Grade? 

Yes, customized cereal boxes are made from food-grade material. Not only in the case of cereals but for all types of food packaging, the nature of the material is a burning question. The reason for this is that, in the case of food packaging the health of the consumer is directly related. Any noxious chemical present in the packaging material can cause serious foodborne illnesses to the customers. 

Keeping consumer safety in mind, packaging companies use food-grade and FDA-approved material to manufacture custom cereal boxes. So if you are worried about the quality of your food then rest assured that in custom boxes, your food will remain safe. 

  • What Is The Branding Potential Of Custom Cereal Boxes? 

The branding potential of custom boxes relies largely on the way the boxes are designed. If a brand adds its logo to make sure that the logo remains different from the rest of the artwork or typography of the packaging, then the branding potential of custom lock boxes for cereals will be high. 

Not only the printed logo of your company but the overall look, design, color scheme, and style of the boxes will impact the branding potential of the packaging. When your packaging looks different than the other brands’ then you effortlessly get your brand promotion. 

  • What Are The Different Types Of Custom Printed Cereal Boxes? 

The best part about customization is that it gives you the freedom to get any custom printed cereal boxes style for your brand. In customization, the sky’s the limit. This means that you can design your boxes in any style, shape, and dimensions as long as that particular selection will keep the cereals fresh. Some of the common styles for printed cereal boxes are: 

  • Auto lock bottoms
  • Union yards 
  • Tuck end 
  • Sleeves boxes 
  • Die cut window boxes 
  • Is It Safe To Print Cereal Boxes? 

Yes, it is completely safe to print custom cereal boxes. The reservation that companies have is that colors may contain toxins that can cause serious health issues to consumers. This reservation is true to some extent but when you opt for food-safe or inert colors. Then you can easily prevent toxin contamination in your food. 

With vegetable or water-based colors brands decorate their boxes with appealing colors, artwork, and information related to the product. This helps them in making their product unique in the market and we all know that uniqueness is an attractive trait to people. 

  • How Much Do Custom Cereal Boxes Wholesale Cost? 

The cost of the packaging does not depend on a single factor. It is a diverse thing and needs to be calculate by keeping in mind the various factors such as the selected material, printing, add-ons, coatings, and the dimensions of the boxes. 

You can get the perfect boxes by opting for the wholesale option from the packaging companies. Packaging companies that have an in-house facility for custom boxes can give you a wholesale rates option which will reduce the overall cost of your product. 

Final Words! 

Custom printed cereal boxes are an excellent choice for brands that want to become popular in a short duration. Despite so many benefits of the boxes, many brands have reservations about the effectiveness of the boxes. To address that reservation this blog highlights the importance of boxes. Why they are safe, and how much they can cost. 

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